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We teach genwakai karate. this traditional martial art is accessible to everyone because of the special training methods.


The instructors at Bushido Dojo have been teaching enthusiastically and successfully to adults and children of all ages. The secret of this success lies in the combination of good discipline, respectful relationships, great atmosphere and specially developed scientific training methods. All without commercial purposes.

Great emphasis is placed on the perfect basic form of punch, kick and defensive techniques (kihon) and the mental growth of the karateka. You will be taught kata (fight against one or more imaginary opponents), which is considered the dictionary of karate. During the course of this full-contact style you will not find kumite (free fighting) practice because of the risk of injury. The next day you have to work after all. 
Kihon, kata and kumite complement each other perfectly. It makes the karateka particularly resilient (both physically and mentally) while preserving the values ??of our society.

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Genwakai karate symbols are the sun and the hawk. The sun comes up and grows in strength and warmth. The hawk flies proudly in the air and does not bother anyone. His claws are hidden and he just follows his role in nature. But when necessary the hawk suddenly turns into a dangerous opponent and throws himself explosively on its prey.

The Genwakai karatedo is a form of Budo. This implies that karate is trained in self-defense, in which the body is transformed into a weapon through training, so that one is able to defend themselves in a situations where their life is at risk.

A karateka’s training is never just physical. He also undergoes a mental development by following the principles of bunbu ryodo (sword and brush)

Ben Schouten sensei (5th Dan)

Ben SenSei

Ben SenSei

Bushido Dojo was founded in 1996 by Ben Schouten sensei (5th Dan). He holds the internationally recognized instructors diploma of Genwakai karate.

Besides Genwakai karate, he also practiced other martial arts and holds grades in Jiu Jitsu (cherry blossom system), Taekwondo (WTF), Thai Boxing and Krav Maga (Israeli fighting system).

Ben is also a level 2 instructor Kapap Krav Maga (??"?). Kapap Krav Maga ( "Face to face combat") is a specific form of Israeli self-defense used by the Israeli special forces, police and anti-terrorist units.

In everyday life, Ben sensei is a professional coach. www.bamcoaching.nl

Private lessons: Ben sensei also gives personal training in the Amsterdamse Bos.

In the picture you see Ben sensei performing a "flying sidekick" at age 17.



The karatekas reach a higher level in their training with group spirit. Through this unique way of training together the karatekas reach greater results. After serious training sessions come the rewards; it's great to experience that the body is able to perform techniques that previously seemed impossible. This physical and mental progress is great for self-confidence and encourages even more enthusiasm to train. Genwakai karate requires discipline, thoughtfulness and dedication of the student to practice the basic techniques. To learn these basic techniques, it is important that you are willing to practice consistently and patiently. 
Remember that you are laying the foundation to grow as a karateka. It is the only way to learn karate. During our busy lives Genwakai karate refreshes and relaxes our mind and body through training. Do not make it too easy for yourself if you want to achieve something in life. Remember, the primary fight is against yourself.


Genwakai Netherlands organizes a successful training camp (3 days) in the beautiful woods of Austerlitz every year. All karatekas train together seriously, eating and sleeping under the same conditions. Many new karate techniques are practiced. The learning opportunities are enormous.

The karateka encounters his own physical and mental limits and discovers the success of overcoming them.

"He who conquers others is strong, who conquers himself is mighty" (Lao Tzu)

Both seniors and juniors are always excited and come back the following year to training camp.




It is not only fun, but the etiquette in the dojo ensures proper and courteous behaviour. Children learn discipline and improve their concentration.

Practicing this martial art for the kids means a great increase in their strength, speed, endurance and reaction time and they learn to persevere when things become more difficult.

The principle: "Everyone can stop, to persevere is difficult," explains the physical and mental way.

All this leads to better school performance and improved self-confidence.

Extra information


The word karate is composed of the Japanese words kara (empty) and te (hand). According to legend, karate originated about 1500 years ago in China. 

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Karate weapons

Genwakai karate is a form of budo and is trained as pure self-defence without weapons. The goal is to use a single technique to disable an opponent. 

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Japanese Kata

Kata is a fight against one or more imaginary opponents. Kata training is very important for karate, without kata there is no karate. 

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During the annual Dutch Genwakai Championships, you will be given the opportunity to test your level in the field of bogu kumite (fight with protection and helmet) and kata (fight against one or more imaginary opponents).

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Dojo Bushido Amsterdam

Polderweg 300
1093 KP, Amsterdam

The training sessions take place on Thursday at the Wethouder Verheijhal.

17.30 – 18.30.
18.30 – 19.30.

19.30 – 21.00.

Dojo Bushido Amsterdam

Dojo Bushido Amstelveen

Laan Rozenburg 6
1181 ER, Amstelveen

The training sessions take place on Monday in the gymnasium of the Michiel de Ruyter School

18.00 – 19.00.              

19.15 – 20.45.

Dojo Bushido Amstelveen